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We’ll read your message and reply as soon as possible. If you prefer to communicate more directly, please send a message to or call our Ynovate coordinator Jindřich Weiss.

Contact person

Jindřich Weiss
Jindřich Weiss
Ynovate Coordinator
Jindřich is the main coordinator of the Ynovate network of innovation agencies and a contact person for partners as well as media.

Where you can find agencies participating in Ynovate

Our aim is to interconnect innovators all over the country. Our innovation agencies are established directly by regions and cities and build strong contacts with local companies, universities, and institutions. Now, our members come from eight regions of the Czech Republic.
South-Moravian region
Jindřich Weiss
+420 603 206 384
Central-Bohemian region
Petr Voplakal
+420 602 114 191
Moravian-Silesian region
Daniel Zaleski
+420 703 143 699
Liberec region
Antonín Ferdan
+420 720 131 725
Zlín region
Jaroslav Kamenčák
+420 739 505 054
Usti region
Pavel Kováč
+420 605 485 616
Olomouc region
Martin Ohlídal
+420 725 468 700
Pilsen region
Martin Holubec
+420 603 554 908