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In 2020, the owners of Flenexa participated in a workshop organized by the Innovation Center of the Olomouc Region and JIC, and thanks to that they established cooperation with expert Jiří Imrýšek.

One of the few companies dealing in top-level aquaponics in the Czech Republic is Flenexa from Přáslavice nearby Olomouc. Its owners Michal Netolický and Aleš Horák attended an introduction workshop held in 2020 by the Innovation Centre of the Olomouc Region and JIC. Having attended the workshop, they decided to establish cooperation with expert Jiří Imrýšek, a manager with over twenty years of experience in strategic management, business development, marketing, and brand building.

cooperation with an expert began
consulting hours
commercial installation at the investor
Michal Netolický, one of the executive directors at Flenexa, describes what the consultations were about: 

„We came up with the most efficient way to market the aquaponics technology and present it to the client group defined. Also, we analysed the market, including the typology of investors into aquaponics farms, and improved the structure of calculations that are parts of offers for the client-investor.”
Michal Netolický
Michal Netolický
CEO of Flenexa

And the forty hours of consultations generated actual results in form of the first successful commercial installation at an investor. Flenexa decided to cooperate with the expert in the following stage as well (another 40 hours with the same expert) when they would focus on other directions to take when commercializing the product and efficiently implementing it at the clients’.

Aquaponics is a food production process which symbiotically raises fish and grows vegetables with the aim of creating an ecosystem similar to nature. Among its benefits are sustainable management and bio-quality fish as well as vegetables, fresh and top-quality year round. Flenexa sells ready-made aquaponics farms to those interested in this way of farming.
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