Connecting client networks with Innovation Centres – Devinn

Thanks to its participation in the Engineering Fair in Brno and contact with Lucie Kanioková from JIC Brno, the Devinn company established cooperation with the Innovation Center.

Devinn is a company dealing in the use of hydrogen, mainly in the integration of fuel cells, which attended the International Engineering Fair in Brno. As part of networking, Lucie Kanioková from JIC Brno contacted its representatives, and thanks to JIC’s cooperation with innovation centre she could efficiently connect Devinn with Antonín Ferdan <in charge of a network of experts at Lipo?> who’s in charge of a network of experts at Devinn first met with several days after coming back from the fair, and an adequate form of support for their innovative business was found.

How did the cooperation go as viewed by the owner of Devinn Luboš Hajský:

„After our first meetings in November 2019 Antonín Ferdan offered consultations with Jari Makkonen, expert on international trade. Through we spent 40 hours consulting, primarily searching for clients abroad, mainly in Nordic countries where green energy is a big thing. Also, we appreciate the fact that Jari Makkonen comes from Finland, so he knows how things work there and has a lot of contacts there.”
Luboš Hajský
Luboš Hajský
owner of Devinn
The most significant product by Devinn is H2Base which works for example as a source of energy for off-grid cultural events or as a high-capacity supercharger for electric cars that comes over wherever the client needs it, and even on request thanks to CarEn. This product revolutionizes the way the public is used to think about charging.
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