Interconnecting with experts and investors across regions – Samohyb

Thanks to the Ynovate network, the Samohyb company from Ústí nad Labem established cooperation with an expert from another region. The Ústí nad Labem region lacks experts in support the development of foreign trade.

Samohyb from Ústí nad Labem is a small company employing around 25 people. It has launched an innovative product from the field of cybersecurity for small and medium-sized companies – a cloud next-generation VPN for business teams. As there was no expert focusing on the development of foreign trade in the network in the region of Ústí nad Labem, the local Innovation Centre connected to a network of experts in the South Moravian Region and chose Miro Mandel to do the mentoring.

Among other things, the mentoring dealt with setting up a foreign trade strategy, cooperation with partners, pricing, sales channels, etc. Eventually, Miro Mandel joined the company as a Business Associate and brought other investors as well.

At the moment, Samohyb has clients in 120 countries all over the world and sells its product from Australia and New Zealand to West America across sectors and to various clients. In Brno, it opened a marketing branch and won an award at the Innovation Company in the Region of Ústí nad Labem competition in 2020.

The main product by Samohyb is a secure solution for remote access to company systems which requires no hardware and works fully in the cloud. This way, Samohyb creates a new security standard for the protection of company systems and networks, very much suitable for the current situation when lots of people often work for companies from home.
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