Know-how sharing – Prototype and Verify and INO:EX

The cooperation of JIC and SIC innovation centres made it possible to establish a new program to support companies dealing in the development of a prototype or verifying its market potential. JIC passed on its know-how from the Prototype and Verify (Prototypuj a ověřuj) project to the Central Bohemia Innovation Centre (SIC) which then created a similar program called INO:EX.

For the clients in need of finances to develop a prototype or verify its market and technology potential, JIC created a program named Prototype and Verify. The people from JIC behind this program obtained important information about the process of selection and evaluation of subjects joining the program thanks to their personal connections with the innovation centre from Canberra. Given the success of the program (with 140 subjects joining in mere two years), JIC was contacted by SIC which was planning to open a similar program focusing on market expansion and innovations.

Petr Voplakal, who helped establish the program at SIC, describes the cooperation of two centres:

„At two online workshops, the organizers from SIC obtained detailed information about how the program works and what challenges JIC had to overcome for the program to be as successful as possible. Our INO:EX program quickly gained popularity, as we received almost 60 applications by the end of November 2021”
Petr Voplakal
Petr Voplakal
Digital Transformation Manager at SIC

The Prototype and Verify program enables businessmen to create prototypes of their products or to verify whether their business plans are viable and sustainable. Thanks to these steps, they may continue developing their plans, win investors for their projects or create strategies to enter the market.

The INO:EX programs (Innovate – Expand) help develop and create prototypes of products as well as services and software solutions, and even verify demand and help launch products and expand into the market.

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